About Me

Hello all,

Welcome to Insightlopedia! My name is Gyani…Swapnil Gyani.

My hobbies include listening to a variety of music, reading selective books (no, not Debonair), console gaming, biking and telling bad jokes. And ah, yes of course – the computer is my lifeline! I’m a gizmo freak. Now that doesn’t mean that I own all the gizmos I’d like to, but I do have a few, and totally drool over ’em!

Professionally, I am a management consultant based in Mumbai, India. I have extensive experience in managing Organizational Learning and Development, Project Management and Account Implementation in the IT-Enabled Services industry. After years of practically employing various management, leadership and training development techniques, I have only just started to give words to my thoughts and ideas.

Life’s good, touchwood!


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