My Cell Phone Journey

If you have wasted 2 minutes of your life reading my “About Me” post, you would know that I am a gadget freak! In my opinion (that’s what this blog is about anyway!), in a list of all the smart gadgets one can own, cell phones top the list! They are your style statement, an integral part of most of our lives – organiser, information manager, gaming console, internet kiosk, camera…uh…and a phone too! Everybody has one these days.

I bought my first cell phone in 2001 – Ericsson R600. Can you believe a phone like that was one of the coolest things people had seen at that time.? I can’t…not anymore! And the reason for that is the amazing advancement that has taken place in past few years in cell phone technology – both in terms of functionality and form factor.

Soon after I bought my first phone, Ericsson partnered up with Sony, and Sony Ericsson was born. Although a vast majority of the people in India used Nokia phones (heck, they still do), I used Sony Ericsson phones for nearly 6 years. I adored the phones from SE – features, design, everything.

From the original R600, I moved to T610, my first camera phone. Then I moved on to K700i, which similar to T610, only with a better camera and FM radio, and a poorer build quality. After it aged out (which was pretty soon), the obvious upgrade was the K750i – one of the better phones I’ve ever used! I liked it so much that after somebody flicked it out of my pocket on a train, I bought myself another piece. After using 4 different phone models from the company, I bought my 5th and final SE phone – M600i. This was the first time I owned a Smartphone, and that too with a touchscreen. For the technically inclined, it ran on the UIQ3 platform, based on the Symbian operating system.

The phone had a brilliant interface, and was good with normal use. But pretty soon, some very annoying bugs started to show. SE never corrected the issues and abondened its users with an unfinished product. I swore never to buy from SE again! After the M600i lived out its life, I bought myself the HTC S710 in September 2007, and am using it till date. The phone runs on Windows Mobile Standard, and has a slideout QWERTY keyboard. I can say with assurance that this is the best phone I have ever used. When this phone eventually wears out, I will surely be staying with Windows Mobile platform – I’ve got my eyes on the HTC Touch Pro and the HTC S740 now. Drool 🙂


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