About This Blog

Okay, so what in the world is this blog about?

I am going to primarily use this blog to share my experiences and thoughts on literally anything that crosses my mind. As a blog reader, I hope you will do the same, that you will have your perspective to share with us as well.

Yeah, whatever! This blog is about nothing, and it is about everything. So stop reading this useless post and find (or create) something more interesting on the blog.


About Me

Hello all,

Welcome to Insightlopedia! My name is Gyani…Swapnil Gyani.

My hobbies include listening to a variety of music, reading selective books (no, not Debonair), console gaming, biking and telling bad jokes. And ah, yes of course – the computer is my lifeline! I’m a gizmo freak. Now that doesn’t mean that I own all the gizmos I’d like to, but I do have a few, and totally drool over ’em!

Professionally, I am a management consultant based in Mumbai, India. I have extensive experience in managing Organizational Learning and Development, Project Management and Account Implementation in the IT-Enabled Services industry. After years of practically employing various management, leadership and training development techniques, I have only just started to give words to my thoughts and ideas.

Life’s good, touchwood!